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We are a Multimodal freight forwarder prompt to meet the demands of international trade between Asia and other countries around the world.

We integrate logistics solutions to meet your international demands in trade.

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We offer integrated solutions in International Logistics to meet the demands of importers or freight forwarders from Latin American countries who wish to ship goods in Asia.

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We analyze costs, operations and logistic processes to assess project viability and optimize international logistics.

In addition to offering more competitive rates for international, maritime and air freight, we seek multimodal transport solutions to reduce logistics costs.

We handle the freight of your goods in China, from the factory to the port or airport.

We weigh your container in Asia to avoid fines and problems at the destination Customs.

We combine orders from different suppliers and consolidate the load into a single shipment to optimize processes and reduce costs.

We offer cargo or product storage space in China and on-demand warehouse services.

We do factory inspection in China or pre-shipment inspection of cargo to ensure order compliance.

We assess whether the supplier is reputable or whether there are risks in doing business with the company being considered.

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Know-how and experience to meet your International Logistics demands.

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Serpa Logistics Asia

Serpa Logistics Asia is a Chinese international logistics company.

We are specialists in multimodal freight forwarding to meet the demands of international trade between Asia, especially China, and other countries around the world.


Creativity in logistics solutions to offer our customers competitive rates and resolve bottlenecks in the supply chain.


To be one of the main full-service logistics companies in the market on the Asia – Latin America route.


We operate as a full-service logistics company, integrating solutions for you to achieve your business goals in Asia.

Integrated Logistics between Asia and the world

If you have another demand or need advice on your Import project, count on us!

We offer integrated solutions in Logistics and International Trade, with the support of Serpa China, a Chinese-Brazilian International Business consulting company.

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Meet our managers at Serpa Logistics Asia



Ian Lin has over 20 years of experience in commercial and cultural relations between Brazil and China, having worked mainly with Business Development Consultancies between the two countries, and also on projects related to launching Brazilian industries in China and Chinese industries in Brazil, joint ventures, technology transfer and risk assessment.

Currently, as CEO of Serpa China, he coordinates the project execution stages with teams from the Shanghai and Ningbo offices.

He holds a degree in Production Process and a minor in Negotiation from Jiao Tong University. He has Latin and Chinese family influences, having worked and lived in countries such as China, Brazil, Argentina and Taiwan, which allowed him to master Portuguese, Mandarin and Spanish, and understand these cultures and their impact on the business environment.



Samara Reis has over 20 years of experience in International Trade. She led numerous projects at Serpa Group, including financial, Human Resources, Marketing and Internationalization with acquisitions of companies in the United States and China. She is currently in charge of business development in Shanghai.

She holds a degree in Law, an MBA in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, and a Master’s in B2B Market Management. She studied Negotiation and Conflict Management at one of the largest entrepreneurship schools in the world, Babson College. She holds a degree in Innovation from the University of Berkeley, in the United States, and in Brazil-China Trade Relations, from Jiao Tong University in Shanghai, China.

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We are specialists in multimodal freight forwarding to meet the demands of international trade between Asia and other countries around the world.

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